Build your own small Motor Boat: MAG School Project


In this article we are going to make a project based on Newton’s third law of Motion which says,’ to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This small motor boat can easily be made at home with materials readily available in your surroundings. This can be a very good project for your school science exhibition. Other than that this motor boat is also fun to make and you can play with your friends and impress them with your skills.

Materials required:

Wood/plastic to make the body, iron strips to add weight, motor, fan, battery-6v, connecting wires.

Other that these materials mentioned above, you will also require cutting tools and shaping tools to give a nice looking shape to your boat. Now let’s take a look at different steps required to make the school project.

Steps to make the motor boat:


First we are required to prepare the base of the boat over. For this, we will take wood/plastic and with the help of proper tools we will make the base of the boat as shown below. We need to make some space for the iron strips as weights (to be added later on, if required). You can give different shapes to make it look aesthetically good.


With base prepared, let’s make stands to mount the motor-fan, battery and switch. You can just fix them with the help of tape or gum or to make it look more fancy choose different designs that suits your style.


Now mount the motor, switch and battery in the boat after making sure the circuit is complete and working.


Add weights if you feel that the boat is too light and later on you can also paint it to give it a totally different look.

Principle of Working of motor boat:

The fan motor boat which you just made is an application of Newton’s third law of motion according to which every action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction. Here motor fan is doing the action by pushing the air in backward direction and as a result a reaction is produced which pushes the boat in forward direction.

So these were four simple steps to make your small school science project. Go look for some place with water body like lake or pond to check its working. Play with your friends and impress your family and neighbors

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