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super capacitors carrying batteries

 Light Weight Batteries using Super capacitors


Cars running on electricity are mostly considered as the future for ecofriendly transport. Albeit they held back too by the fact that requires heavy bulgy batteries. The main limitation is in delivering the current at a slow rate. The top high end lithium ion batteries available in the market charge extremely slow and carrying huge weight.

 Solution to the constraint:-

electric car
electric car

A better alternative to it in terms of fast release of energy is using Capacitors- devices that releases energy in large bursts, though it counter a drawback of incapable of storing power for considerable time and for such a big vehicle.

However scientists are making efforts to combine batteries and super capacitors to make batteries more powerful and compact. Now scientists specialized in nano technology have created ultra-lightweight super capacitor. It can easily be integrated with normal batteries to dramatically boost their power with the decreased weight.

Super capacitor delivers a high power output in a short span of time. This means quick acceleration of the car and fast charging within few minutes in contrast to several hours for a standard battery of electric cars.

Additional Efforts:-

The team super-conductors are actually a sandwich of electrolyte between two strong sheets of extremely tough but light material “Graphene”. They are endeavoring to store more energy and finding ways to embedding them into car’s body, floor, bonnet, panels, roofs etc. because of ultrathin and lightweight capability. And use them to power a car vehicle for around 500km distance. More intriguing, a battery –free car made up of these parts would need to be charged mere a couple of minutes.

This can also be integrated to the back panel of the mobile phones to charge it extremely fast. The factors that ads up are they are cheap, and does not affects the environment One of the main reasons for high price of lithium batteries are that lithium element is high in prices.  This technique does not rely on materials that are toxic and faces disposal problems.

Final Note

So this was all about more efficient electric cars in terms of power carrying and less irritating drivers. Hope you liked the article and will be helpful to you. If you have any question or feels like sharing your opinion, remember there is a comment box below. Do comment and share your valuable ideas with us and other science buddies. I would be happy to answer you in case you have any query regarding this article.

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