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Using an inkjet printer and creating sophisticated devices with small modification to the printer have amazed all the science buddies. We recently have come across the invention when some researchers have made electronic circuits by printer using metal as ink. Now it is the time to get enthralled again with this research when some Engineers uses inexpensive printer to produce microscopic structures that uses light in metal to carry information.optical fibres

Within such microstructure, this technology led to control electrical conductivity. This could be used to rapidly fabricate superfast components in electronic devices and making wireless technology faster or print magnetic materials.

What we know presently:-

Currently, all the science buddies know that high speed internet and other data transfer techniques are based on light which is transmitted via optical fibres. Optical fibres carry data with high band width of light. However when these fibres are shrunk into small spaces there is more space left for more optical fires accommodation and therefore more data transfer. But there occurs a limit, capability of a particular fibre decreases because light carrying data is squeezed into smaller spaces.  In contrast, electronic circuits can be designed at smaller sizes on silicon wafers though electronic data operates at lower bandwidth frequencies. This reduces the data amount carried by them.

The Research and findings:-

The recently technology fills the gap between optical and electronic data transfer and is called plasmonics. It involves crowding light into surfaces with far smaller dimensions than its wavelength. Data can be transferred with higher frequencies like terahertz frequencies. These terahertz frequencies lie between microwave and infra-red region of light spectrum including X-rays, visible light and gamma ray.

Metals like gold and silver are proving good plasmonic materials because they ameliorate this crowd effect. This plasmonic technology can create plasmonic devices which have the potential to make wireless devices work lightning fast speed. The Bluetooth presently operates at 2.4 gigahertz frequency can work 1000 times faster by using this plasmonic technology.

How & Why commercial Inkjet printer got involved?

Using the commercial inkjet printers with two cartridges filled with silver and carbon ink researches printed 10 different plasmonic structures having a periodic array of 2500 holes with varying sizes and spacing on a 2.5inches by 2.2 inches plastic sheet. The researchers could control the plasmonic arrays electrical conductivity by varying the amount of silver and carbon ink.

Using a mere 60 dollar inkjet printer they have developed a cheap and widely applicable method to produce plasmonic materials. With it we can draw and print the exact structures we want, without the million dollar instrumentation used to fabricate such type of structures. Let me tell you friends that, presently plasmonic arrays are created adopting micro-fabrication technique which is expensive and create one at a time.

They used terahertz imaging to measure the effect of printed plasmonic arrays of holes in a metal layer. It resulted in resonance which is machine the external frequency with the natural frequency of the material giving rise to peak amplitude. They observed that by varying the amount of carbon- silver ink could be vary transmission through this structure.


These faster plasmonic arrays could prove applicable for:

— Wireless devices, because the arrays permits data to be transmitted much faster.

— Printing magnetic materials for greater functionality in myriad devices. This technology is more than five years away.

They used 2 type of ink and upto 4 can be used at a time depending upon the application. Technology has reached that far.

Now it’s your turn to get ¬†some out of it and make all others mesmerized . I hope you all liked this article and would be beneficial in your science projects. Don’t remember to share it with your mates.

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