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renewable energy source project

 water as fuel

Water As Potential Power  Source

The whole world is hungry for the energy sources for the development of the county and being on the top of the world. At this point it is crucial to discover new ways of power generation with the limited sources available to us. What we have right now is going to end soon . In the amidst of the pursuit of energy sources, most available is the water and which has the h2 element as its constituent having the ability to burn and generate amount.

In 2015 American consumers will have the reach to own fuel cell cars from Toyota and other manufacturers. Stanford University Professor Hongjie Dai has invented the technology to develop  an emissions-free electrolytic device that splits water into hydrogen and Oxygen at room temperature. Though majority of the fuel cell cars will run on hydrogen fuels. Scientists at Stanford also developed the low cost emission free devices which uses ordinary AAA battery  for electrolysis generating hydrogen and oxygen without the use of precious metal catalyst such as  Platinum and Iridium. Electrodes are made of  the  nickel and iron which is in abundant in nature. The system uses  merely 1.5v  battery to do so at room temperature

Splitting the water into the constituent elements by means of electricity is electrolysis that we all know. Automakers have always been desperate for the  use of h2 in vehicle but the only constraints being the un availability of the gas. 2015 Honda will sell h2 based cars to the buyers. Hydrogen doesn’t cause greenhouse effect and no harmful emission water vapor the only ex- product. The nickel /nickel oxide catalyst lowers the voltage required to split water. Next goal is to make the device stable. The electrodes decay with some days of the working. This would save millions to the h2 gas producers. Researchers are also searching method to harness solar energy to be used in water splitter for h2 production.