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Wind Energy and Wind Farm Study

The trend for the use of renewable sources of energy is growing a lightning fast speed. The main reason is that most of the government all over the world is focusing on the renewable sources of energy. The main reason, scarcity of non-renewable source and fast depletion of the sources. Soon, such sources would end. So emphasis paid upon the abundant energy which is still not harvested. One of the source is WIND ENERY, we have it everywhere but not harnessed fully.  The easiest method to convert wind energy is using rotors which utilize momentum of wind and coverts energy into rotational form. That form is then transmitted to generators which are a configuration of magnets and electronics. The end product is the electrical energy which could then be saved into reservoirs like the batteries for the use.  This is better alternative that the fossil fuel more petroleum energy. Though, various factors and variables are involved in wind power generation.

 The study of wind energy and its harnessed is studied in two parts. In the first part factors like Betz limit, the classification of wind turbines with its components, power curves of wind turbines are studied. The wind farm is called Es Milà which is located in an island- Minorca, in Spain.

A wind farm or a wind part is a collection or group of the Wind Turbines in the same area to produce Energy. A large wind farm or wind park may consist hundreds of individual turbines over an extended area sometimes that area could go up to 100s of square miles. Additional benefit is that the area in between can be used for farming too.The optimal area is offshore.

While studying in the first phase – a description of the wind farm in terms of energy , and electricity produced is made. With the meteorological and power data and its performance is studied. In the study, some meteorological aspects viz. wind direction, wind velocity and its distribution are discussed.

After the first phase, the study focuses on electricity production via wind farms  is involved. The other parameter is important is that the comparison between the actual and expected power generation is incorporated.

With the above articles we hope that you have got a brief idea how power generation is studied and followed. We would be happy if you comment below in this context. Any query would be heard and replied. Stay connected with MAG for other technical knowledge and projects in various fields.

Hope You would take some idea from the article for your engineering Major/Minor projects. If you have any query related to the article, can ask by commenting below.We would appreciate that.

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Termite-Inspired Robots Can Build Unsupervised

Greetings to all the science buddies. We are always fascinated by the robots and the science behind robotics. Our Hollywood films are too intrigued by the robotic engineering and that is one of the reason they incorporated all they incorporates sci-fi robots and their amazing abilities. The films we can see most of the robots or arterial intelligence are- iRobot, Terminator series, Transformer series, Wall-E etc. and the list goes on. One of the latest works on artificial intelligence and robotics is today’s project. You can take lots of ideal or references to make similar stuffing and become part of the noble cause.

A team of engineers and computer scientists at ‘School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)’ and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have produced an autonomous robotic construction crew. The most appealing character of the crew is that it requires no supervision. It does not require an eye in the sky, no communication to guide, just simple robots. They cooperated to each other and act intelligently themselves modifying the environment. The team got its inspiration from Termites so they call it the Termite Crew. The Harvard Termite System corroborates that collective system of their robots can build complex, 3-D structures without the want of any central command or prescribed roles. The result their four year hard work was presented at AAAS 2014 Annual Meeting.

Now one obvious query you all must have what can they build so they can make towers, castles, pyramids out of foam bricks and autonomously builds the staircase to reach the higher levels for adding bricks and materials for construction when they need. In the near future such robots could lay sandbags in advance of the flood, etc. and perform construction tasks on Mars and moon etc.

On an Interview with the core faculty member  while discussing the amazing  robotic crew She says “The key inspiration we took from termites is the idea that you can do something really complicated as a group, without a supervisor, and secondly that you can do it without everybody discussing explicitly what’s going on, but just by modifying the environment”  The lead author also  said that most human construction projects today are performed by the trained workers  in hierarchical organization . We all are pretty much aware that when a construction project is started we do have a blue print and plan. the foreman then directs his crew members and supervise them .while in the termites world the queen does not instruct  each individual  member but everyone is aware of  what other the termite is doing and the current overall state of the job they are accomplishing.

termites botes

The curious geeks want to know by now, what is that concept on which this system depends? The answer is ‘Stigmergy’ which is a kind of implicit communication. The bots observe each other’s changes to the environment and acts accordingly. Each individual robot executes its building process in parallel with the others without being aware who else is working in the same real time. This means that the same set of instruction can be executed by ten robots or ten thousand. This system is a perfect epitome of concept for scalable, distributed artificial intelligence. The bots are employed with simple sensors and three actuators.

This system is a plus in contrast to the previous concept where a central controller is needed or an eye in the sky. It guides the whole crew and keeps an eye on them all the time. The system works efficiently if the crew of the robots is small but with the increase in no say- 500, becomes complex and difficult to manage. On the other hand if there occur some problem with the central control, leads to failure of the whole crew system.

Following are some points to decipher about the termite Crew:-

What can a TERMITES robot do?

  • Move forward, backward, and turn in its own place.
  • Climb up or down a step the height of one brick.
  • Pick up a brick, carry it, and deposit it directly in front of itself.
  •  Detect other bricks and robots in immediate vicinity.
  •  Keep track of its own location with respect to a “seed” or brick.

What instructions do the TERMITES robots follow?

  • Obey predetermined traffic protocols.
  •  Circle the growing structure to find the first, “seed” brick (for the orientation).
  •  Climb onto the structure.
  • Obtain a brick.
  •  Attach the brick at any vacant point that satisfies local geometric requirements.
  • Climb off the structure.
  • Repeat.

We, Mech- Ant – Group is also inspired by the working of ants all together to accomplish the task too. We hope this article would be helpful to you. In case you have any query regarding the article or want to know some technicalities, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to reply you to the most possible way we can. Stay tuned with us for other Project Ideas and Engineering Projects.

Below is an official video showing the construction by these Termites Robots:-