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jacket with the flexible solar panel

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Inkjet Printer  would create Electronic Devices 

Technology has reached way far from the last few decades and still enthralling people with the intriguing inventions and discoveries day by day. I have come up with the new technology news and a potential project idea for the engineering students.

What if I say that this technology is also going to amaze you again. Yes, it is. This latest technology allows printing  electronic devices the same way as inkjet printer prints a photo or a document. It seems unusual and impossible but it is true.silicon wafers

The researchers have used the printing method to build a portable X-ray imager and small mechanical devices. This is one of the illustrations how far a technology can go. It is time consuming and costly to produce silicon wafers so it would aid in that regard.

How it is done?

The conventional photolithography method is complex. The method includes depositing the layer of the material and stencil like material is placed over it. A beam of ultraviolet light is fed upon it and the exposed material is etched away. The process is then repeated to make the patterns required to form electronic devices and circuits.

In the past few years, researchers have been developing the methods to deposit patterns of metals, semiconductors and material directly like a printer deposits patters of ink. The materials are dissolved in a liquid solvent (special solution), which can then be printed on a variety of substrates, such as plastic, paper and even fabric. The material remains after the ink dries.

To illustrate this technology the researchers built a digital X-ray sensor. By adopting the technique of printing the researchers fabricated flexible X-ray arrays plastic films that are much portable than the huge frightening gadgets at our dentist’s clinic. The devices made out of it can be used by the doctors easily, serve security scanners or even assist soldiers in identifying bombs in battle fields.inkject printer printing electronic  devices

The researchers are also grafting on an actuator, which is as simple mechanical device. The printable actuator is based on solution –processed organic materials and behaves like “artificial muscles” unlike the typical actuators. Researchers have not forged particular uses for such an actuator. But it could be used in conjunction with photo imagers to make adaptive optical parts that tune up the focal distance and to make moving errors that redirects the beam of light.

This technique would not create high end sophisticated silicon chips for the gadgets like phone and computers but it would ensure more high volume, simple but very useful systems. In future “you might be able to print sensors onto clothing or some other device attached to skin to monitor vital signs –and alert a doctor in case of an emergency”, researchers said. There researchers also, have been printing devices in making flexing solar cells.

It would be great fun to wear jackets with the flexible solar panel and produce electricity when in need. Charging a phone at home would no longer require as we can charge it anytime anywhere.

If you get one, it would be easier for you to make static projects too and somehow solve your problems also.