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hendo hover board

 We are always fascinated with the objects that fly in sky. We have the intrinsic desire to fly like a bird, hovhendo hoveboard, magnetic levitationer like a bug and love adventure related to sky. The researchers have created a hover board which is a combination of a skate board and hover craft. It levitates above ground. A Japanese technology team also demonstrated ultrasonic levitation working in three dimensions.

This is the technology which you normally would see in the science-fiction movies. With this technology, hovering car and trains could revolutionize the world and add a new way to transportation. They called the hoverboard a hendo, a special skateboard. The nonferrous material let Hendo to hover and is conductive in nature. We all know magnetism from childhood that like poles attracts and unlike repels. It is the old known concept behind the technology.

The board has disc shaped motors acting as four engines that create a magnetic field which react with the non-ferrous conductive material producing the secondary magnetic fields. Each field repels the other, allowing the board to hover above the ground. The hovercraft uses magnetic field architecture and only reacts to certain materials such as copper and aluminum. The blue light adds to the aesthetics. The working of the Hendo is quieter. Tough part while making the project was with the balancing, described by Earns haw’s theorem. The theorem state: that it’s utterly tough to balance magnets when they are repelling.

The magnetic hovercraft was restricted in a track for equilibrium. The device is capable of weighing upto 136 kg hovering few cm. above the ground. The Hendo only float above the ground or park made for hovercraft. It cannot float above the water. They are working to get some more advancement with the major goal to levitate the house. Presently 50,000 kilogram train is already running on track like the hover train, Levi train. The cost of such board is $10,000.

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