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Fontus - mini cooler

Mini Dehumidifier Invention For Cyclists

Today’s topic is making a bottle that can collect water from the air. It’s an amazing invention and is crucial for the use of this assembly where there is scarcity of potable water. Bringing this while touring via bike etc. can prove to be of a great importance.


This is called a “Fontus” and works best in humid weather facilitating it to condense the moisture in air into safe potable water.

The experiment has done to test the efficiency of the assembly and came out to be able to produce 0.5 Liter water in just under an hour and that’s pretty impressive right?

It is estimated that by 2030, 47 percent of the global population will inhabit in water scarce areas.


It can be used as an accessory for the bicycle. That would be useful for the long drives and touring where it is difficult to collect the water. It would let you enjoy the “Adventure Trip” at the same time without the worry of water.

Working Of This Project:

The basic principle involved in the process is the condensation of water.

The hot humid air is cooled to the condensing temperature by the use of Peltier module acting as cooler. There is a small electricity source which powers the Peltier module.Fontus mini cooler

The mini cooler is divided into two parts: The upper chamber and the lower chamber.  The upper side is cooled by the cold junction of the Peltier module and the lower chamber gets hotter. This is how Peltier effect works. The lower the temperature or heat removal from the hot chamber the higher will be the efficiency as the upper chamber even gets cooler.

The two sides are isolated from each other. The air enters the bottom chamber with high speed, when vehicle is in motion thus cooling the lower hot chamber.

The condensing surface is larger to get the most possible area with the small space to enhance the condensation of the air. The direct air is obstructed by the perforated air in order to get the max time for the incoming air for shedding its air to the chamber.

The collected droplets then are funneled into a bottle by a pipe. The bottle oriented vertically to take it out of the assembly.

To make this at home you need some knowledge of Engineering. If you are trying to make it by your own or have made already do share with us via commenting in the below comment section.

This is your Engineer Buddy. Stay tuned with me for other  amazing science projects and technology news.

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