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Introducing -Volocopter:  final year Major project

Greetings to all the engineering aspirants. One of the strong instinct of human being was always was to fly like a bird in the sky. In early time it was considered impossible but with the evolution of human being and advancement in the technology, we ‘humans’ made that possible and opened the doors of our mind. With that, we believed in us and can achieve whatever we think of. Many of the Engineering students still intrigued with the flying objects and aspire to make them by their own. For them, we have brought one of the idea which you can take and go and for it.The researchers and makers named 18 rotor helicopters as volocopter.

Volocopter Simulation

The experiment of flying the real volocopter is done by the simulation process.  In the simulation, 5 minutes of flight instruction is given to the person, which includes steps for taking off, moving it to front, left, right, etc. The simulation is of the UK city of Liverpool. It mimics perfectly the real world.  The person is allowed to fly it even if he has no flying experience. Developers said that it uses an early version of the easy to use control panel and would form a basis of a much malign concept i.e. the flying car.

Cars that transformed into a flying helicopter are usual approaches and such kind of prototype is already launched by AeroMobil of Bratislava, Slovakia in a technical conference. The major drawback of ‘road able car’ is that it still need an airport for the takeoff and has failed since 1950s. Those are user friendly and still require technical abilities to fly one. Not to forget this point that it would not replace the cars from the roads and help ease road congestion.  What is required a system, which can take a vertical takeoff and system that can fly one point to another strictly.


final engineering project idea

However by the end of the year that would be possible with the volocopter. Other researches are in progress like the ‘My copter’ by European developers with the simple yet efficient flight control interface. One is of which is based on a car steering wheel plus the camera with added sensors. That will let the flying cars automatically avoid each other hitting, without the involvement of the user. Apart from this, they are working on flocking software that automatically plots GPs routes and paths to locate a landing spot in bad weather conditions. This project is seen as the key part of a low – congestion transport system in future. Unlike helicopter pilots who take hundreds of hours to master, users will get trained for such fly copters in 5 hours who never have an experience before, developers claimed.

Volocopter Project Specifications

Sources say, within two years, an 18-rotor powered by battery helicopter would be on sale to rich commuters who have dreamed of open skies instead of gridlocked highways.

The Volocopter is incorporated with 18 rotors, each of which is 1.8 meters long, working in counter-rotating pairs around a circular made frame. Though it looks odd, this arrangement means the torque effects of each pair cancel outs and the vehicle just goes up and down, or side to side, by changing the speed of different rotor pairs. The prototype has nine lithium-ion battery packs, each driving two motors that currently allow it to fly for 20 minutes duration. The joystick works in the same manner as a quad-copter remote control panel. If you let go of the joystick, the Volocopter keeps hovering where you left it, developers says.

We hope this article would be helpful to you. In case you have any query regarding the article or want to know some technicalities, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to reply you to the most possible way we can. Stay tuned with us for other Project Ideas and Engineering Projects.