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engineering projects ideas for final year

Stella-Solar powered car

hello all the mech guys here your engineer buddy. Today I have brought you an amazing idea which you can use to make your final year engineering projects. Automobile field always intrigues tech savvy. Majority of the population all over the world is fascinated by cars stuffed with sci-fi technologies.

Solar Energy Powered Car

Here is the Stella.With the name it sounds like a darling girl but its a sophisticated car which has a top flat roof. It is wholly covered with the solar panel. As far as designed is considered , it is teardrop in shape which is a must for aerodynamics.The car has a low base to reduce air drag. Stella is the first four seater solar car in the world.The car makers have a tag line “would you want to take it to get grocery?”You can park it aside and let charge the power house and save fuel for future.

Stella is made up mostly of the aluminium alloy and carbon fibre which made it a light weight with the increased durability.If you are tall then you need to fold yourself while getting into and out of the car.It doesnt have the insulation.During start up it does makesome noise one you reach at a speed of about 14km/hr it settled in cruise mode which isquiet and feel like an electric car.During braking it engages a regenerative braking system which is smooth too. while coming to full stop ,it makes a grinding symphony like the traditional disc brakes.
The unusual car covers around 6 square -metre.Under the bright yellow casing is the power pack battery of 60 kw providing a 600 km journey in one go.The team managed to drive it 500 km with an average speed of 100km.

Stella-Solar family car

The car gets charged when it is parked or moving. The team claimed that it used half the energy what ss being produced by the solar grid.Stella is first positive car in the world .The car has added systems like vehicle to vehicle (v2v – it allows car to talk to other car) and vehicle to infrastructure (v2I -allows vehicle to talk to traffic lights,stop signs etc ) with wifi enabled systems.It is advantageous than the existing one which uses cameras to get the track of other vehicles and infrastructure which has a difficulty in corners.

well , guys this was all about Stella. Hope you all the engineers and science buddies will find this article useful and would take ideas from this in making your final engineering projects or major  projects for engineering.