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appropriate angle for solar panel

solar energy power generation parameters

The efficiency of the solar power module is not very high as what is required for commercial purposes. It became crucial to make use of every bit of sunlight to the most possible way. Various researches are in progress for increasing the efficiency and got success, though it would take time to be practical commercially. By now we can take some measures at our levels to harness solar energy more at own level with the current solar panels. In this article we would cover solar installation process and tilt angle considerations.

 Installation parameters that affect solar array efficiency:-

Panel Orientation

In most of the countries, the roof ideally should face south direction to get the maximum sunshine throughout the year, but a quality design can often compensate for other directions.

Roof and Panel Pitch

The “pitch” or vertical tilt of roof can affect the number of hours of sunlight you receive in an average day all the year round. Large commercial systems have incorporated with solar tracking systems that automatically follow the sun’s tilt through the day. Though these are expensive, and not typically used for residential solar modules.


Some solar modules like it hot but most don’t. So, panels typically need to be installed a few inches above the roof having enough air circulation to cool them down. Some photovoltaic panels are designed such a way that makes them more efficient in energy conversions in hotter climates.


Shade is the enemy of solar power production. With bad solar design, even a little shade on one panel can shut down energy conversion on all of other panels (like a bad bulb in a string of Christmas lights which is also called as Christmas effect). Before designing a system for home, technicians conduct a detailed shading analysis of the roof to reveal its patterns of shade and sunlight throughout the year. Then the local installation partner conducts another detailed analysis to verify the findings from the first decipher.

Perfect Tilting ‘Angle’ For Solar Panel

To get the most efficiency out of the solar panel when installing the solar module is very important, that we have already discussed. We know now all the parameters but we still not know what is the angle at which it must be kept to get optimum sunshine. Further we will discuss the angle of the panel.

  • The first quick and easy way- know your latitude and subtract 15deg. from it for winter season while add the same for summer. Let’s take an example, suppose your latitude is 35 degree, the angle you should tilt your panel in the winter is 35+15= 50 degree and during summer it would be 20 degree.
  • Now the improved and accurate than the previous method for winter: – the winter days are very short and winter does not last for many months of the year for most of the year. Multiply the latitude by 0.9 and add 29 deg to get the angle of panel in winter. Let’s say if the angle of latitude is 40 deg then for winter 40* 0.9 +29 is equal to 65 degree.
  •  For summer, multiply the latitude with 0.9 and subtract it with 23.5
  • For spring and fall season to get the optimum result just subtract the latitude with 2.5.