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advantages of using biomass as energy source

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Biomass : Most Widely Source Of Energy

Biomass has become one of the most widely used, well utilized renewable sources of energy in the last two decades. It comes second after the hydro power for the generation of electricity. The wood is the most common form of biomass used in household and industries. the only drawback is that it leads to deforestation which in turn affect the environment in many ways  viz. soil erosion, increased wildlife endangered effecting the world ecology.In this article we will explore more on biomass

Biomass is a biological material of living organisms. Most part of the biomass is derived of plant products and termed as lignocellulose biomass. The biomass can directly be used to produce heat energy by direct combustion or indirectly by first converting it to other form and utilizing the later for electricity generation secondary refined derivatives of biomass is called as biofuel.

By using thermal, chemical and biochemical methods, biomass can be converted from biomass to biofuel. The largest biomass available today is the wood, which includes forests residual like tree stumps, branches, dead trees, etc.

Biomass can be produced in fields by the low input of energy and money such as the production of the wheat which grows around 7.5 to 8 tons per hectare. The grain can be used for producing liquid biofuel while the remaining straw can be used as the solid fuel for electricity and heat generation.

The advantage of using plant product-

is that cellulose can be degraded to glucose via series of chemical reactions and then to alcohol. And is one of the best clean fuels for the vehicle operation. Crops like corn and sugar cane can be used to produce ethanol mostly used as transportation fuel by fermentation.

Lignocellulose, a hindrance in ethanol production

Lignocellulose is basically referred to the dry matter biomass. It is the most abundant raw material available on earth for the production of the bio fuel. It is mainly the polymer of carbohydrate and aromatic compounds.

The main problem with reproduction of the ethanol from the biomass is that it is trapped inside the lignocellulose which resists the degradation and provides hydrolytic and structural stability to the plant cell.

To remove this problem, cellulose from the lignin (substance which fills the gaps between pectin, hemi cellulose and cellulose cell wall hemi cellulose) is disconnected and the newly freed celluloses are hydrolyzed with the acid.

Other sources

biomass energy sources

 Biomass derived of the algae can be a great source as it is not edible and there is no stress on the land or agriculture for the production of biomass. Various researches are in progress for considering it as the major biogas source. The other factor that draws the attention and interest in this arena is that it can be produced at a rate of 5 to 10 times than the agricultural biomass.

Other usable form from the biomass includes methane gas, biodiesel, ethanol and Hydrogen gas. All the rotten organic products like the human waste, rotting garbage, agricultural waste released methane which is also called landfill gas or biogas.

Transportation fuel can also be made from the left over of foods like vegetable oil, animal fats.

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