How to make an electric fan car: MAG School Project


You all must have played with various costly toy cars available in the market. Have you ever thought of making one of your own electric fan cars and do you know how the toy car works? In this MAG school project we are going to make one fun car with the help of materials that are easily available in your surroundings. You will also get to know the principle behind the working of the general fan car.

Materials required:

Battery: – 9V, Motor, Fan Blades for propulsion, Wood, glue, Tyres (extract it from waste non working car toys) caps/lids, metal small rods (cut from used cycle spokes which will serve as axle for wheels), metal straw (it will serve as bush bearing over the axle)

Steps to make the Fan Car:


Fix the metal rods in the tyres as shown in the picture below. This will serve as axle for wheels. Before fixing the second wheel to the axle, insert the metal straw over the axle rod for bush bearing. This will help in smooth movement of the car over axle. You can use plastic straws to avoid the noise during movement. Hold the axle with the bush bearing and see if the wheels are rotating freely. Do this for both axes and move on to the next step.

Step 2:

All the weight of the car rests on the chassis so now make a chassis using small wooden plank of thickness of about 0.5 cm and size 12*30 cm. Rest this plank over the axles as shown in the figure below and paste it firmly over the bush bearings with the help of glue. This makes the chassis of the car.

Step 3:

Now time to make the body of the car. For this purpose you can use one wooden block or rubber block having dimensions of 16*12*10 cm. Make sure there is ample space for blade movement. You can build your own car body using different materials and paint it to make it look more aesthetic. Use lighter materials otherwise you may have to use more power and extra fans for propulsion.

Step 4:

Now place the battery, motor and fan blade assembly over the raised car body as shown. You can use long wires and a switch to make it on/off while it is in motion.

Step 5:

Now after making sure that all parts are fixed in the assembly, switch on the button and enjoy the ride!

Working Principle of Fan Car:

The fun car you just made works on Newton’s third law of motion which states that ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Here the battery and fan is doing the “action” part by propelling the air in backward direction and as a result the car is moving in the opposite direction (forward) with the help of resultant thrust thus produced.

Now your fun car is ready. Use this innovative car made from trash to impress your friends, family members and neighbors. You can decorate your car by hiding the motor and battery assembly with the help of colored card-boards. This can also serve as School Mini Science projects to impress your teachers and woo your class fellows. Do not forget to mention the Newton’s third law of motion.


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