Apple Iphone 6 News and Release Date

People have mixed review about the upcoming phone 6.Demandings and expectations of people are always higher from the apple company but most of the time it does not meet with what they expects. Some are looking for a good and more advanced, more pixelated camera greater than 8 mp while others want longer battery life than the existing ones. However majority of the lovers demands the price drop.

Mobile market is full of better smart phone options delivered by good brands within the budget of the people. Though apple always said that ” we manufactures iphone not for the common mass but for the premium or high profile people”.

Release Date Of Iphone – 6

According to the reliable sources, iphone is expected to launch on september 9. After its debut for all the iphone lovers who have been desperately waiting for it for a long time would be available to them – one and a half week later around 18-19 september. Apple would be releasing two iphone with screen size 4.7” and 5.5” this year respectively. Wall street journal reports have suggested, apple is manufacturing large no of iphones between a range of 70-80 million units iphone 6 -4.7” and 5.5” versions combined to meet the huge demand of the people worldwide.

With the increment in the Screen size, pixel density is also reported to increase with 416 pixels for 4.4” model and 365 pixels for 5.5” version , possibly at 1704 *906 resolution. Rumored have exhibited , the iphone 6 might be incorporating durable sapphire display with slimmer bezels and chassis . It is expected that iphone 6 will develop their storage capacity more than 64 gb this time. Numerous parts have been rumored to have leaked and many have given their hypothesis on the look of iphone 6 though, no one has taken the authority of its authentication. In several leaked images front panel is slightly tapered having curved edges embellishing the look with more slim and sleek visuals.

Set Of Tests By Done Secretly

Tests on its durability involves bending and scratching which it performed amazingly well though later test reveals its front panel might not have been made of sapphire. Front panel being attached directly to a display assembly . The display unit includes the backlight panel, which was one of the first internal part got leaked . The complete panel cannot be confirmed as legitimate, it does appear synonymous to the backlight panel of the iPhone 5s and corresponds to a 4.7-inch device. Rumors have suggested Apple will take advantage of advancements in LED backlighting technology to shrink the thickness of the iPhone 6.

Thumb Impression Would Be Costlier

With the invention of thumb scanner in iphone 5- had created a lot of the buzz already. It is expected to be integrated again in iphone 6 too. It is worth pondering that it’s thumb not the fingers.With the slogan of the iphone 5 ” you can use the phone with one hand ”. This feature will surely distinguish itself from rest of the smartphones across the world. Apple is surely planning to grab a good amount of the cash from the buyers too. By now iphone was using 4 digit number to unlock it, which is not a tough job for the intruders to break it off. This technology will also be compatible with the iwallet feature which will connect the users bank account by identifying the thumb at the time of payment when brought near to the NFC hub . With the feature of thumb scanning, business class individuals are targeted as they always like phone which is reliable in terms of confidentiality security and they would love to pay extra bucks. Apple paid an amount of 356 million in july 2012 to acquire one of the biggest and world known company -AuthenTec, which specializes in making security chips.

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