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We have seen in many Science fiction movies when a character with its Hi-fi device scans an object and instantly get all he chemical and physical details of it.

We got curious many times about what an object is made of .The next thing we do is Google it, to satisfy the curiosity. But how would it be if you get such information just by clicking a picture and getting all the feedback for that object or thing you have captured by a mobile camera? It would be amazing, right? Well, you are going to get such things in the near future.

Electrical engineers from Tel Aviv University have invented such device that can be integrated with smart phone cameras. It is capable of detecting the chemical composition of an object or a substance like fluid by simply taking a picture or deciphering a video of it.

It uses Hyperspectral Imaging which is collecting and processing information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. Our satellite utilizes this technology to detect the nutrient and composition of soil in exo-planet. It’s worth noting that this type of imaging can be done with large sophisticated cameras but researchers say that, they have developed a new patented optical component. It can be integrated with the camera of a smartphone of a user.

They said that their optical component primarily based on microelectromechanical or MEMS Technology, relating to small mechanical machines having less than a millimeter in size .These miniature machines consists of primarily a microprocessor to process data, sensors and simple components.

They claim the device can be mass produced and is compatible with all the standard smartphone cameras available in the market. “We predict hyperspectral imaging will play a major role in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, biotechnology, and homeland security,” said lead inventor, David Mendlovic, in a press release.

This sounds easy in theory but they will need to pair up whole information collected from the image with a database containing immense information on the hyperspectral signature of a wide range of different chemicals.

Last month , at the Mobile world Congress in Bacelona, the basic system was demonstrated by the developers. Now they are working on a functional prototype. They say it would be ready by june this year.

One of the largest Indian Engineering group “Tata Group” is backing them with the funds. It would be interesting to see the marvel of Engineering.

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Source : Science Alert

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