Alternative sources
Alternative sources of energy for Electricity

Alternative sources of energy

Every day the world is liberating carbon-di-oxide to the atmosphere that would still be there for hundreds of years. Increase in carbon dioxide to the atmosphere leads to ‘Greenhouse Effect’ which in turn is responsible for global warming.

 To decrease global warming we need to cut down the emission of co2. To curb co2 emission we need to stop fuels which emit co2 as by product. How simple is that, but not that simple my friends. Fossil fuel is the major energy source today. Without that, it would be impossible to think of our progress as a human being, we all are aware of that. But the question is can we stop using fossil fuels and still fulfilling the energy demands? Yes, might be the answer only if, we use alternative sources of energy.

An alternative source of energy is quite controversial to define. But current scenario say that energy sources which is not involved with the production of inherent undesirable emission especially co2 to the environment are alternative sources of energy. It does mean not to use the conventional source of energy for energy generation. It causes undesirable or adverse effect to our climate and to living beings. Most importantly they are not renewable and will deplete soon.

Common types of alternative sources of energy are:-

  • Solar energy is the use of sun-light as an energy source. Sunlight can be converted into thermal (heat) energy and electric energy. With the use of solar heaters and Photo Voltaic cells.
  • Wind energy is the generation of electricity from the wind via Wind Mills as it has motion and hence kinetic energy.
  • Geothermal energy is the utilization of the earth’s internal heat to boil water for heating buildings or generating electricity with the help of turbines.
  • Biofuel and Ethanol are plant-derived gasoline alternative for powering vehicles and running other engines in factories.
  • Nuclear energy uses nuclear fission to release energy in Nuclear power plant.
  • Hydrogen is burned and used as clean fuel water being the only byproduct for spaceships and some cars.
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