3d object in air

3 -D Shapes In Air Can Be Perceived And Watched By Our Senses

Technologies day by day astonish us by bringing something mesmerizing inventions and left us wide-eyed.

The latest research with the aid of ultrasound has developed an sparingly visible 3D hepatic shapes that can be felt and left you enchanted.The touch feedback which is termed as Hepatics is used in Entertainment, Rehabilitation and during the surgical training to the amateur surgeons.

The research paper that is being published in ACM Transaction on Graphics which would be demonstrating in Asia conference explains how it works.With this technology they expect that it would be possible to explore a CT scan by the surgeons and feel the disease, like the tumor using Haptic feedback.

Brief Working Procedure:

The method employs ultrasound which is the large wavelength sound waves, focused on to the hands above the device and thus can be felt different shapes by the person.

Focusing the convoluted patterns of the ultrasound, there occur the disturbances on the air and creates floating shapes. The researches have exhibited the virtual ultrasound patterns by directing the device at a thin layer of oil that enable the depression in the surface and can be seen as spots when lit by a lamp.

This system produces an invisible three dimensional objects that actually can be added to 3d displays to make something that can be seen and felt by our senses.

Dr. Ben Long, researcher Assistant from the Bristol Interaction and Graphics (BIG) said that “touchable holograms immersive virtual reality that you can feel and complex touchable controls in free space are all possible ways of using this system”.

He further said “In future, people could feel holograms of objects that would not otherwise be touchable, such as feeling of differences between materials in a CT scan or understanding the shapes of artifacts in a museum”

I am waiting to see how far it goes. Till then stay tuned with your Engineer Buddy.


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